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          Warmly celebrate that our company has passed the on-site evaluation of "product" logo made in Zhejiang and obtained the certification of "product" logo on December 3, 2020.


          Our company is a high-tech enterprise integrating R & D, production and sales of plastic extruders. It is the invention enterprise of "conical co rotating twin screw extruder". It is the first drafting unit of two industry standards of "conical co rotating twin screw plastic extruder" and "conical counter rotating twin screw plastic extruder"; it is the Zhejiang manufacturing standard of "conical co rotating twin screw plastic extruder" The drafting unit of the project.

          The product standard of "made in Zhejiang" is based on the advantages and characteristics of Zhejiang's products, aiming at the international and foreign advanced technology level, and developing a batch of product standards in line with international standards. The main positioning is international advanced and domestic first-class, and encouraging the active adoption of international advanced standards. "Made in Zhejiang" brand is a regional public brand that reflects and comprehensively reflects the image of Zhejiang enterprises and products. Its goal is high quality and high-end.

          Pinzibiao is the official certification mark made in Zhejiang. "Made in Zhejiang" is a regional brand image logo, which is based on "regional brand, advanced standard, market certification and international identity". It takes "standard + certification" as a means, integrates quality, technology, service and reputation as a whole, and is recognized by the market and society, representing the advanced nature of Zhejiang's manufacturing industry. "Made in Zhejiang" certification is the "benchmark" and "leader" of Zhejiang manufacturing industry and the "pronoun" of high quality and high level.

          Our company will take this as a new starting point, continue to uphold the enterprise tenet of scientific and technological innovation and honesty, increase brand influence, enhance product market competitiveness, create high-quality plastic extruder products, and make contributions to promote the development of the industry!

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