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          Hoteline ( Mr.Yang)


          The company was established in 1994,located in the "new district of Zhejiang Zhoushan Island" with an area of 28 mu . As a high-tech enterprise,Our company is specialized in the integration of R & D, production and sales of various kinds of plastic extruders,and we are the first drafter of the national industrial standard for “conical co-rotating twin-screw plastic extruder” and “conical counter-rotating twin-screw plastic extruder”.
          The company has undertaken many national, provincial and municipal scientific research projects, such as "National Torch Plan", "National Key New Product", "Zhejiang Energy-saving Technology, Product Promotion Oriented Catalog Product (batch six) ". It has won the honorary titles, such as “the Third prize of china light industry federation Science and Technology invention award”’、“National contract abiding and Trustworthy Enterprise” 、“the Third prize of Zhejiang province Science and technology award”、“Zhejiang standard innovation-oriented Enterprise”、“pioneer enterprise for innovation and development ”.
          National invention patent product - "conical co-rotating twin-screw extruder" (patent No.: 200510118915.3) is a product successfully researched and developed by our company, which has won the national invention patent and has been given the honor of "Zhejiang Famous Brand". The product has passed through the provincial-level product identification in 2007: with the characteristics of high mixing, low shearing force, high pressure and low temperature for extrusion, and good plasticizing properties. Compared to "conical anisotropy twin-screw extruder" and "parallel co-rotating twin-screw extruder” , its production is about twice higher and its power (power consumption) is 30% to 50% lower by significant energy-saving effect. The main performance parameters of conical co-rotating twin-screw extruder have reached the international advanced level and this product is regarded as the leading product in domestic market.
          In 2012, the product was listed in the national development and reform commission energy conservation technology popularization directory (group 5).
          Leadership Leadership Leadership Leadership
          Characteristics of mixing,low extrusion temperature,plasticizing performance. Doubled of other similar products,saving electricity by 50%,labor costs 350 thousand yuan Reached the international level,products have filled the gap. Recognized by the Ministry of Science and Technology,Quarantine and Environmental Protection as the "State Key New Products" The ratio of screw length to diameter is 48:1 It has super high yield (10-30 tons / day),ultra-low energy consumption. Good plasticizing.high proportion of carbonate can be added. It can use 100% recycled materials for reproduction and advantages.
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